The Weekly Gaucho Hosted by Ruth Brown: A Look At What It’s Like To Be A Postal Carrier in Arizona

Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 3 of the Weekly Gaucho. This week’s episode is hosted by Ruth Brown. Ruth Brown lives in Glendale Arizona and studies at Glendale Community College in the Digital Media Arts program. She is joined this week by her guest Morgan Hashkeihe. Morgan is a former mail carrier and worked for the United States Postal Service in Arizona for more than two years. On the episode, Ruth discusses with Morgan what drew her to the Postal Service and a little of the process involved in joining. They dig deeper into what it’s like to be a Postal Carrier in Arizona and the brutal conditions that carriers are forced to work through during the summer months. Morgan details needing to remain fully covered in order to protect her skin from the sun, how much water needs to be carried, and the need to supplement with additional products in order to remain hydrated throughout the six-day work week. The supplement of choice? Pedialyte. They also discuss what it was like working through the start of the pandemic as an essential worker and the changes the pandemic wrought on the post office, both in Morgan’s home station and on a national level. Finally, they discuss some of the new changes that President Biden has proposed for the post office and how the future of the USPS is looking in general. Of special note is the new fleet of electric post office vehicles that President Biden is hoping to install in every city across the nation.

Ruth Brown sincerely hopes you enjoy this podcast!