The podcast season 3 episode 1 for the weekly gaucho is hosted by Dr. Cooper and Anna Lai. Anna comes from Vietnam. She studies at Glendale Community College for two years, her major is Digital Media Art. This is the first time she produces a podcast with Dr. Cooper’s help, a challenge, and a chance for her. Dr. Cooper will have a short interview with Anna. At the start, she shares how she feels when she comes to America, the differences between America and Vietnam. Those are new experiences for her. She explains why she left California and chose Arizona to start study and work. She moved to Arizona to develop her own direction. She has many choices between ASU, GCU, and GCC in Arizona. Finally, GCC is the first step she aims for when she starts learning. She has great experiences at GCC. The enthusiastic help of the GCC team helps her overcome the difficulties of integrating with others. This is her right choice. At GCC, the language and cultural differences are challenging to her but she turned them into opportunities to develop herself. She wants to send a message that Challenging is not a negative thing, but it is a good chance for self-development. Anna hopes you enjoy the podcast.