When it comes to our success, we are our biggest motivators. It is important to remember our worth when we as artists are creating. Believing in ourselves is a huge step in paving the road to success. Today I will talk about some tips for How to Stay Motivated and Inspired when we are feeling in a rut or are burned out. Today’s podcast will delve into three different ways to help you!

One: believing in yourself. I can’t stress this enough, but it is important to believe in yourself and that being afraid of failing is a huge mistake. We need to embrace failure, for it is our teacher and without failure, how do we learn to be better–do better next time? If we are constantly telling ourselves things that contributes to negative thinking– is a downfall. We need to be nice to ourselves and give ourselves that well deserved pep talk! Positive affirmations go a long way.

I AM going to succeed. I am going to create what I love. I AM amazing. 

Two: You don’t need to do things on your own. Having an open mind to the endless possibilities, that delving into the success of others, their minds, their creations, is a beautiful gateway to expanding our thinking and our understanding of life and our creative thinking and approach. If we are closed off to the endless possibilities of inspiration, we are robbing ourselves of great things.

Three: Stepping away. It is okay to step away when we find ourselves in a rut, frustrated, or our creative block has kicked in. Some things you can do is meditate, read a book, go for a walk, watch an episode of something, or simply go eat that food that is calling your name. Stepping away is good for rejuvenating and easing out that block. 

A big motivator and inspiration for this podcast goes to The Motivated Mind which is a podcast on Spotify. Click on it’s title and it will take you straight to it, I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone.