The podcast for the weekly gaucho episode 8 is hosted by Xuran Huang. She is from China. She studies at Glendale Community College for a long time. Her major is Digital Media Arts and trying to get a degree. This is her first attempt at producing a podcast, which is a new challenge for her. In today’s show, she shares a personal story about what it’s like to move to a new country. From the beginning of the nervous anticipation, and then after the arrival of a series of changes. From her point of view to explain some of the feelings of foreigners to the United States. Also from her personal experience, expressed some of her views on the media. It’s about how foreigners see America in the media. It shows how the media manipulate the public to see and receive information from the outside world. In the podcast, she shares one of her immigration experiences with the purpose of telling people that if they have the same opportunity in the future, they should not give up easily. If you are interested in a place or have questions, you might as well experience it for yourself. The information from anywhere is not as real as what you feel. Secondly, she also told in the podcast that her mood was affected by the change of environment. By self-regulation, such as doing something she likes, she can divert her attention and adjust her mind. She also hopes to show people through this experience that it is normal to have negative emotions, and the most important thing is to know how to adjust yourself. Getting too caught up in negative emotions can have negative consequences. And that’s it for this podcast. Xuran hopes you enjoy the show, and that her share will be helpful.