In episode 7 of The Weekly Gaucho, Monique Lavallee, the host of today’s episode, discusses remote learning and its effects on the mental health of students. Monique Lavallee is in her second year at Glendale Community College, she is majoring in Graphic Design and hopes to become an art director or a graphic design assistant. She plans to transfer to Arizona State University to continue her Graphic Design journey. In this podcast episode, Monique lists various issues that online learning has on students, how they affect students, and what can be done to improve their mental health during these difficult times. By using her own experiences, she talks about how remote learning has impacted her life and hopes to bring relief to students that are currently struggling with school in these conditions. She hopes to shed light on her fellow students who are having a hard time adapting to online learning. She wants other students to know that they are not alone in their struggle, and that everything will truly end up okay. Monique strongly suggests to bring these skills provided in this week’s episode with you throughout your whole life, as they are extremely useful and helpful. Episode 7 is ultimately about school and self care. Monique thanks you for tuning in to this week’s episode of The Weekly Gaucho and wishes you the best on your learning journey!