The Podcast for the Weekly Gaucho Episode 6 is hosted by Damien.  Damien is a student at Glendale Community College who is majoring in Digital Media Arts.  Once he is finished with this year, he is looking to transfer to a university.  He is looking to pursue a career in animation and has a lifelong dream to create his own animated show.  Hopefully, with enough experience in the industry, he can make this dream a reality.  In his free time, he enjoys playing video games like Halo, Red Dead Redemption 2, or Monster Hunter: World.  He also loves to draw and work on various passion projects.  Though, Damien has always enjoyed listening to many different podcasts, this is first time doing a podcast so naturally, he is very nervous.  Talking to others has never been his strong suit since he’s always been very shy.  Furthermore, he’s never been very comfortable with recording himself because to him, his voice sounds weird.  For this week’s episode, Damien will be discussing three different Godzilla movies and why you should consider checking them out.  Damien is a huge Godzilla fan (he’s got the Godzilla merch to prove it) so he’s a perfect source for recommendations.  Plus, with the current pandemic and everyone being stuck inside due to said pandemic, there’s never been a better time to jump in and binge watch some monster movies.  Damien hopes that these movies have at least piqued your interest enough for you to consider checking them out.  If you find yourself enjoying any of these movies, then consider checking out some of the others that Damien didn’t mention.  Damien is thankful for you listening and would also like to formally apologize in advance for how bad he is at carrying on a podcast.  Hopefully, this podcast is at the very least bearable to listen to.  On a more positive note, Damien hopes you all have a good day.