This week’s Weekly Gaucho podcast host is Bell. This is Bell’s third semester here at Glendale Community College. With the current state of things, she has come to realize we could all use a little light to brighten up our days. In today’s podcast, Bell goes over some ways that we can spread kindness and some campaigns that are currently working to help spread kindness as well. We talk about the local campaign Ben’s Bells ( that teaches individuals and communities how to spread kindness. We talk about the Butterfly Effect Movement (, which aims to promote generosity through interactive art, and the Be the Change movement on Facebook (, which aims to inspire worldwide connections through acts of service and giving back. Next, Bell goes over some good news and where to find it. Today’s good news story links to our talk about kindness. The article is a heartwarming story about an act of kindness that caused a profound impact on someone’s life. The full article is written by the Huffington post’s good news website ( This is the link to the full article: There are plenty of places to find good news; you just have to know where to look. One good website to look at is, Many tv networks share this website. If you are more visual a good place to look is right on Youtube, SomeGoodNews with John Krasinki of the Office is a wonderful place to find good news and enjoy a laugh. Last but not least check out, as their website states, “Positive News is the world’s first publication dedicated to reporting positive developments. They take a solution-focused perspective on the challenges facing society.” Overall, today’s podcast will be about kindness and spreading positivity. Bell hopes you all enjoy the podcast ahead. Thank you!