My topic for my podcast was the “HJCAC” which the replacement junior college football league for the football programs the schools cancelled in the past few years. The colleges past coaches felt the need to create a league outside of the MCC’s to try and keep the talented players here in Arizona. It’s really tough to do because they don’t have the help from the colleges so it’s really on their own. This is the 3rd year they will be functioning and I was on the team last year I won’t be playing on this team this year because the 2,000 we had to pay wasn’t close to being worth it. What I hope to do with this podcast and in the future is to inform eager athletes about this league so they know everything they need to know before making that big of a decision, I don’t regret playing for this league because I learned a huge lesson that I believe I will be able to pass onto other athletes especially the younger ones. This year has been a struggle with trying to continue my football career it’s also come to my attention that its best to find a community college football team to transfer too that actually has football apart of the school’s program, football means a lot to me and it’s a big part of my future. Playing college football will give me the knowledge that any young man pursing a college football career will need so I will continue to keep pushing and working towards my football goals!