In this episode of the Weekly Gaucho Podcast, I, Amanda Kauffroath will be your host. I have a guest with me, Audrey Cook, a lecturer at Arizona State University. Once a student herself at ASU, Audrey and I discuss what it is like to be a transfer student. In the episode we cover recommendations for incoming students, including speaking with an enrollment counselor, visiting the campus, and attending a new student orientation. Audrey also tells me the importance of meeting with your academic advisor once you start classes, to make sure you are on track for graduation. This is important because transfer students usually only have about four semesters left in their college career once they transfer, and you don’t want to make the mistake of missing out on a required course to complete your degree. The academic advisor is also a great resource to recommend the layout of your courses, knowing if some courses have a large workload or that other students have found especially challenging. This way students don’t end up with a semester full of difficult courses all at once. It is also helpful finding your classrooms on campus before each semester starts; that way you aren’t stressing about finding a class on the first day. While researching information to include in this episode I came across ASU’s podcast hosted by students, who go over a range of topics including student life on campus and helpful advice for new students. There is also the myASU app where you can find Devil2Devil, a place where students can connect with each other and find support from other students. The new student orientation is one of the most beneficial resources for transfer students as it is where you can meet your professors, connect with students in your program, get a tour of the campus, and meet Sparky!