Hello, my name is Christine and welcome to this week’s episode of the Daily Gaucho. Today’s episode is something that means a lot to me and hits home. I’ve been angry, horrified, and scared of what’s going around in the world, yet somehow not surprised in the slightest. As someone who is relatively up to date on social injustice across a variety of forms in the States, this was nothing new. But seeing victims who look like me brought upon a scarier reality that shook me to my core.

On March 16, there was a mass shooting at three different Asian run spas. This goes a lot deeper than your, sadly, typical mass shooting. This was a result of a racial hate crime that police don’t want to admit to. This is a result of racism in America. This is a reminder that if you aren’t white/white-passing, you won’t be accepted as a whole in America no matter how hard you try. Today, I’ll be diving into the fetishization of Asian women, the rise of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate crimes, and the model minority myth.