Hello everyone welcome to the Weekly Gaucho podcast, my name is Jose Derbez, and I will be your host for today’s episode. The topic of todays episode is the new “Hogwarts Legacy” videogame that has been having a lot of hype from the harry Potter fans, and if you ask me, they should be excited about this one. This game is an open-world action RPG set in the world first introduced in the Harry Potter books. Now according to the creative directors and the main persons in charged in the game, this game is based before all the Harry Potter story. It is based between the 1800’s period, and you are a new student that is not beginning from the first year at Hogwarts, but you are starting in the “junior year” to say it like that. Now this game if you saw the demonstration that they showed a week ago in PlayStation’s YouTube channel, has a lot of the book and movies of Harry Potter plus the movies of Fantastic Creatures. Now they didn’t show many characters from the movie or books, because again the period of time doesn’t quite match with Harry Potter. They explained that this was purposely created so you can have a whole own experience and have your own story, with your own character, friends, teachers, creatures etc. Now as I mentioned, this is an open world game, they created the whole Hogwarts Castle, but they also created the outside world which you can also explore! I find that really cool, since of course you want to see the whole castle, but you also want to go further than that. They included different things that the movies didn’t quite show, for example some rooms that they added outside of the movie, or the social room of Hufflepuff, they showed many details and a little of gameplay which looked promising. I would suggest that if you felt interested over this game, consider visiting the official game page and the latest video that they have on PlayStation’s YouTube channel.