This Weekly Gaucho is by Katrina Martorano. Katrina has always been fascinated in the supernatural especially during Halloween. In the spirt of Halloween Katrina came up with a story sure to give a small thrill to anyone. Having experienced a few supernatural scares herself she decided to create a story about a haunting place. Katrina has a love for writing and tries to come up with the best version of the story she creates. Keeping in mind that the Gaucho is a friendly blog the story is PG. We don’t want the story to be too scary. Katrina took the time to look into the styling of the Victorian houses. She also read up on a few scary stories herself just to put her in the right mood to create something that might just give someone the chills.

In her story she follows a young girl named Katarina through her experience of a new house. While the character parents are thrilled with the new house the young girl feels as though there is something off about the place. The house itself seems to be emitting an evil aura. A few things happen during the girls first venture into the old Victorian home making her panic and second guess herself. Feeling scared and utterly alone the girl is desperate to figure out what is going on. She finds that not everything is as it seems. In the end the only thing you can be certain of is the gut feeling that keeps us from being in danger. Feel free to leave feedback if you liked the story. Also please share if you have had any haunting experiences yourself. I like to hear what has happened to others and pass their stories to others. Hope you all enjoyed the story. Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Have a Happy Halloween.