This week’s Weekly Gaucho Podcast host is Andrick Coronel. He is a sophomore at GCC, and with quarantine he has begun to learn a lot more about different interests he has. One of those interests is the Supernatural. For this week’s Podcast episode Andrick has chosen to talk about the Castle of Brissac and the ghost that roams it’s halls. This castle was originally built some time during the 11th century and was later rebuilt in the 15th century by the Duke of Brissac. This castle also happens to be the tallest castle in France, with its height being 48 meters, roughly 157 feet.

Andrick talks about the ghost that allegedly resides in this castle which is that of the Green Lady. It is said to be the ghost of Charlotte de Breze, who was an illegitimate daughter of King Charles the 7th and his mistress Agnes. Charlotte lived in the castle with her husband, Jacques. She was having an affair with a man named Pierre. Jacques caught the two red handed and proceeded to murder them both.

Today the castle is still owned by the Dukes of Brissac and is the residence of one of the Dukes. The castle can be visited by the public and guests still find themselves frightened by her. Her favorite room to haunt is the tower room of the chapel, where she can be seen wearing her green dress, hence her name “The Green Lady” Some guests claim that her face has holes, where her nose and eyes are meant to be and believe it to be related to the way she was murdered

That is all for this week’s podcast episode featuring the story the Castle of Brissac, and it’s resident ghost, the Green Lady. If you all enjoyed this episode of the Weekly Gaucho. Feel free to leave a comment if you like. Take Care!