The Podcast host of the Weekly Gaucho Episode 1 is Silvia. She is a Glendale Community College student which is studying Digital Media Arts. She is also a part-time employee at the Disability Resources & Services office. Through the various skills that makeup the creation of a podcast, she decides to present her audience with information is valuable and does not always get attention. Her audience is the students, staff, and faculty of the Glendale Community College. Moreover, this podcast was an audacious assignment for her course JRN203. In this podcast episode, Silvia talks about her experiences while working at GCC and how working in that office has impacted her life. By giving her honest experience and lack of knowledge of the existence of the DRS office, Silvia sets the mood for an open conversation about her experience. She also gives real life examples of problems that are encountered when in the process of captioning. This adds credibility to her experiences and insight. She also speaks about the #NoMoreCraptions campaign. She gives recognition to the activist Rikki Poynter. She makes sure to point out that because of her job, now she has a special care for captioning. A more in depth article can be found here: By making sure that her voice is heard about this topic, she feels that more can be done in everyone’s daily lives. By encouraging others and potentially giving new information to enrich the lives of her listeners, Silvia has reminded everyone, that something can always be done. In the end Silvia provides possible suggestions for how to make a change with the new-found captioning knowledge. Silvia made sure that even if this information was not new, that it would serve as a reminder for her listeners. All in all, this podcast Episode 1 is about inclusion and accessibility for all through the use of great captioning.