As the first week of NFL free agency comes to a close, I will take a look at what the Arizona Cardinals did to improve their team. There are still many free agency and trade moves to come as well as the NFL draft so the rosters are nowhere close to where they will become training camp. However, the big moves including free agents and trades are mostly finished by the end of week one and the Cardinals are no exception to this. The Cardinals were extremely active beginning with signing former 5-time pro bowler and 5-time first-team all-pro defensive end JJ Watt from the Houston Texans to a 2-year $28 million dollar deal. They were not done there as they also added a couple of former pro bowlers to the offensive side of the ball as well. Including signing former 7-time pro bowl wide receiver AJ Green from the Cincinnati Bengals to a 1 year $8.5 million dollar deal. They also added former 3-time pro bowl Center from the Las Vegas Raiders in a trade that sent Hudson and a 7th round draft pick to the Cardinals and a 3rd round draft pick to the Raiders. With these additions, however, comes subtractions and the Cardinals lost several of their players to other teams. Former first-round pick of the Cardinals from all the way back in 2011, Patrick Peterson, left on a 1-year deal worth $10 million dollars from the Minnesota Vikings. And a key member of the defense from last year, Hasson Reddick left to sign a 1-year deal worth $8 million dollars from the Carolina Panthers. How do all of these moves affect the Cardinals next year? What positions could they attack in the draft? I talk about all of this in this week’s episode of the Weekly Gaucho.