Check-in time! Sometimes we need to take moments in our day to check in with ourselves. To slow down, and just breathe. We can become so caught up in our day to day lives, our stresses, failures, busy schedules, school work, and feeling overwhelmed.

Remembering to take a moment in your day to be with yourself is important. It can become very easy to make up excuses for not taking that 10 seconds to breathe, or to do that creative thing we love to do. “I don’t have time,” “I’ll do it later.” Then, later comes, and have we done it?

Being mindful of bringing awareness to ourselves can seem harder than the alternative which is ignoring it and remaining on the path of go go go and never taking time for ourselves. We deserve to take care of our well-being, our mental health, our happiness.

Where are you? How are you feeling? What makes you feel good? What’s your excuse for not taking a moment to ground and center yourself?