In this episode we talk about the Nintendo Switch as the host Aliki Tsianos gives a short review on the console. When a break is needed and with the pandemic keeping everyone inside the Switch is the solution to having some fun indoors.

The Nintendo switch proves to be a family friendly console with all sorts of genres of games. It is also is a portable console that’s easy to take with you on the go wherever you are. Being a portable console makes it so much easier to play on the go. Many students will find this helpful or anyone who is usually on the go frequently. The host mentions a few popular titles speaking about her fun experiences with Animal Crossing and Pok√©mon shield! With new content pouring into these titles the games never gets old.

After explaining her own enjoyment of the console and its video games she decides to tell a story of her brother in laws experience. The story mentions how her brother in law was a Playstation fan, however he was interested in the new Nintendo Switch. Due to the current pandemic of Covid-19 it ruined any chance of getting the hybrid console. He had given up hope on buying one and was on the fence about buying it in the first place. One day he found it in stock and on a whim bought it before his wife even knew. He has fallen in love with the Nintendo switch and had even found himself having new experiences with games he never though he would play in his life time.

The Nintendo switch is worth a try no matter what game console you root for. A lesson in this podcast is never underestimating something just like you should never judge a book by its cover alone. The Weekly Gaucho podcast episode 16 is a fun discussion about the Nintendo Switch!