We all know that the Covid pandemic has affected our life a lot. We don’t hang out with family, friends or we have to wear a face mask when going outside. We cannot work in a normal way; we have to practice social distancing. We cannot go to school; we have to take online classes and learn at home. All of our activities have been limited. From adults to children. We all have affected.  

Now, some schools have returned students to go to school but still have limited time and school days, kindergarten too. I am tutoring a 5 years-old kid. The kid is very active and he often does not like to sit to do homework. That’s a problem. Parents have to work and they don’t spend time with their kids’ homework. So, I help him do his homework by the due date.  

For a five-year-old, sitting indoors all day is boring. He usually looks outside with a sad, he really wants to go outside. He misses playing time with friends at school. Every school day, he is very excited to see his friends again and play with them. 

One day, he asked me when could he go to the park, when would he be allowed to go outside without the face mask, when would the virus die. Those are questions from a five-year-old but it is really what we are thinking about. He hopes things get better so he can play outside with friends without a face mask. We also hope the Covid pandemic ends and then back to normal life.