On this episode of the Weekly Gaucho Podcast, we learn that while the state of Arizona may not be instantly known for its trees, the impact they have on our daily life is incomparable in the midst of an environment that is facing more difficulty than it ever has before. With climate change and droughts now being factors that Arizonians constantly have to think about when enjoying the beauty and naturality of plant life in the state.

“We need to be focusing on plants that are gonna be easy to maintain, that will handle heat very well, and will handle a lack of water, and you can’t really pick a better tree than a native tree”

Says Sean Whitcomb, a professor of Life Science at Mesa Community College in Arizona, a campus which has been recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a role model for tree diversity around the nation, especially at colleges. 

Mesa communities’ campus is being awarded the title of a “Tree Campus”, which denotes their dedication to planting, maintaining, and educating the public about the importance trees have not only on an individual level, but on the environment. Trees can remove carbon — the primary cause of global warming — directly from the environment. Mitigating further negative effects can be done by focusing on the planting of native trees over non native ones, which benefits are closely studied by those at valley community colleges.

Beyond just Mesa Community College’s Arbor Day event on Friday, April 29th, the holiday celebrates the importance of trees around the country, and Mesa’s event at their Southern and Dobson campus focuses on just how easy it can be for individuals to make an impact not just on their immediate environment, but an impact that will to benefit generations to come.