Arizona is undoubtedly a tourist destination. Why is this the case? Tourists come to Arizona for the great weather, hiking, nature, mountains, etc. All of these things are great. However, I believe nothing compares to a road-trip. Specifically, a road-trip to Payson. Payson itself is just a small and quiet town. At first, it might not seem like it has much to offer. The views you experience on the drive up to Payson are what truly make the trip worthwhile. Route 87 takes you on a curved road that is completely surrounded by mountains, empty planes, and the desert. The surrounding setting creates a strong sense of freedom and calmness. The lack of traffic is also a nice addition. 

When I finally reached Payson, I ended up turning onto a side street. The street led me down a narrow road that led to campgrounds. What was just seemingly a road in the middle of nowhere, turned into a lake surrounded by a forest. This surprise truly completed the experience. Everyplace in Arizona has something to offer. I truly recommend taking a road-trip to a place you have never been to before because I guarantee you will be surprised at how much fun the experience is. In Arizona, we are fortunate enough to normally get good weather year round. This is a blessing not everyone has. Everyone should take full advantage of this. Do not let a far journey prevent you from doing and seeing the things you want.

I understand it can be difficult to make time for a road-trip. A lot of us have busy schedules and we can not afford the time away from commitments. If you can find the time, Arizona will not disappoint. After my trip to Payson, I immediately wanted to find a new destination to explore. With all we deal with, it is refreshing to get away for a little while.

Try out a road trip in Arizona.