Located just west of Waddell, the White Tanks Mountain Regional Park is open to visitors from 6am to 8pm Sunday through Thursday, and from 6am to 10pm Friday through Saturday. This beautiful mountain range spans almost 30 thousand acres of desert, with dozens of trails for people to traverse. These trails range in size and difficulty, making the park accessible to both beginners and expert hikers.

A winding road in the park.

There is a $7 fee to pay when entering the park, however, this grants guests access to the entire park and lets them stay as long as they’d like. This park is perfect for families as there are several activities for parents to do with their kids. One of the mentioned activities include a nature scavenger hunt. Along some of the trails, there are mystery plaques that ask hikers to look for something nearby; this is usually a type of plant or animal that is known to live around that area.

One of the scavenger hunt plaques in the park.

Additionally, there are informational signs scattered around the trails that tell hikers a little more about the park’s history and local flora and fauna. This is a protected regional park, which means that there are a lot of different indiginous plants that can be found there. Some of these plants include the cholla cactus, as well as Arizona’s state plant: the saguaro cactus.

A cholla cactus in the park.

Another interesting thing about the park is one of its most popular trails: the waterfall trail. This is a 1.8 mile trail that takes hikers up the mountain to a secret waterfall hidden in the mountain walls. This is by far the most hiked trail in the park as hundreds of people go up and down it every day. Along the way, hikers can see rock carvings from the natives that used to live there.

A rock stack found along one of the trails.

The White Tank Mountains are home to many living organisms, including Arizona residents who wish to have a fun day out in the sun.

The sun being blocked by a cloud in the park.