learn great stratages for editing videos! While they are video editing tips they can be used for a wide variety of other things and can help you improve your work flow

The hardest part of working on projects is finding a starting point. it can be intimidating to find a place to start, and you can spend hours just getting everything set up, has a strategy on how that prepares to begin work, for Sivartz’s video editing “ I will skim through the footage when I first start.” This Sivartzz or Travis can get a general idea for how to make cuts to the footage to trim it down. “after that, I will go through and begin to make cuts throughout the footage.” With this, you begin to get work down throughout the project. With this, you will have an excellent start to everything, and you can jump right into working.

How do you manage your time? How do you prevent burnout?

One problem people can face figuring out how to manage their time—figuring out what to work on first and how long to work on parts of a project. Along with handling your time, how do you prevent burnout? Working for too long could lead to not being able to work at all. For time management, Sivartzz says, “I will work on it in big chunks. I go in and get it done.” For him, it is simply going in and getting it done is the way they get their work done, with them taking small breaks in between. Knocking out large chunks of a project during work sessions can help get it done in a shorter time than doing it in many short pieces. Taking small breaks in between help give you a break while not being long enough to get out of the productive mindset.

 How do you streamline your workflow? How do you organize your workspace?

Another problem that comes up in the digital media work field is how you organize your workspace. Finding the file you need quickly will significantly help your workflow and speed up how long it takes to work on projects. For Sivartzz, “I keep files I need organized, into folders by type.” If you need, for example, a sound clip, you would go to the sound file. Even with organization, streamlining your work is still required. For Sivartzz, they start that they will skim through and trip down on their project throughout. With this, they have parts through the project started and can get a general idea of what to do.


Preparing for work, managing time, and streamlining are all essential parts of improving your workflow. These are just a few strategies out there. But hopefully, the approaches that Sivartzz showed us today will help you and your future endeavors. Regardless of if you are a GCC student doing digital media or something entirely, hopefully, you could take away strategies shared here. Thanks to Sivartzz for sharing some of their strategies here today