Ever since the pandemic hit, people have found it extremely hard to stay active. In such a different time, many people can find it hard to find the motivation to even take a ten-minute walk, let alone go to the gym. Regardless, staying active is important for everyone. Being active doesn’t only help your physical health, but your mental health as well.

After all, it is recommended that people get thirty minutes of physical activity each day.

Going to the gym is one great way to stay active or even a great start to your journey. If your local gym is opened, always make sure to follow proper Covid-19 procedures. The gym has a lot of amazing equipment to get your heartbeat racing and your muscles sore. The gym is a great place to work independently and at your own pace.

Unfortunately, the gym may not be an option for everyone since it comes with a fee as well as people may not be able to drive over to a gym. Fear not, gyms are not the only options to get active.

People often don’t realize that you can stay active in your own neighborhood! Being active can be as easy as walking your dog or going for a morning stroll. I am not particularly into sports, so I do prefer to walk around my apartment complex. It’s energizing to do and you learn a lot about the people you walk with.

Parks are a great place to get active at. Parks are rather spacious and have a lot of courts to play a variety of different sports. Try out a lot of sports that your park has to offer. See a big field of grass, try soccer, football, or baseball. See a basketball court, play a few of those games you remember from elementary school. How about a net in the sand? Try volleyball or badminton! Grab a friend and head off the park!

Still not convinced? Try getting active in the comfort of your own home! You could walk in place in your own bedroom! How about doing planks in your living room. The possibilities are endless!

Although it is nice to have, the big fancy gym equipment is not always necessary when staying active. It’s important to get a schedule that works for you and not push yourself over the limit.

It’s important to understand that staying active is not about weight loss or muscle gain. It’s about your physical and mental health. Don’t feel pressured to loose weight or gain muscles!

It’s never too late to start being active!