Glendale Community College opened their pantry service Tuesday, Feb 1. and will take place Wednesday between nine and 12 in the Student Union in Room 123A(These hours are guaranteed). The pantry provides items such as food and toiletries to students who may be having trouble accessing these essentials.

The items available are a combo of donations given to the school, pick up from St. Mary’s and items purchased by students/faculty. According to Student Leadership Director Connie Greenwell, the best time to come to the pantry is: 

When you need something to eat. The Food Pantry is open if the Student Leadership Center is open and available throughout the entire year.”

Student Leadership Director Connie Greenwell

With much of the current classes taking place online, students may not be aware that this program exists. I emailed Greenwell with a few questions about this much needed service Student Leadership provides. When asked if she had noticed an increase in a need for this program since the pandemic began, Greenwell responded:

I believe there is an increased need, but not necessarily an increased number of students who visit the pantry to make use of the service. This is directly tied to the pandemic in that a great many of our students have been online and/or not on site. We are still averaging over 1,000 (and are increasing) students monthly in the pantry. We also host monthly no contact, drive-thru food distributions for the entire community in addition to our student population.

Student Leadership Director Connie Greenwell

 Many students are going hungry and without basic necessities in their households. Food insecurity has doubled since the pandemic began in students according to a study done by Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona Dr. Na Zuo. Providing a service like the food pantry can make a massive difference in the lives of students as well as their families. Greenwell also recognizes the necessity for this service.

We’re helping people to be able to get something to eat while on campus and put food into their households through the take home items in the pantry and the food distributions. Even if they aren’t experiencing food insecurity at home we are helping stretch the dollars they have through this program.

Student Leadership Director Connie Greenwell

Student Leadership is doing all they can to make this service available and accessible to students. When I asked how could student’s help improve this program Greenwell responded: 

They can help best by taking advantage of the food available through distributions and to also perhaps volunteer on the days that we host them–we can always use extra hands.

Student Leadership Director Connie Greenwell

Please visit this link to volunteer:” If you would like to learn more about the food pantry, go to