If you are searching for extra income while attending college or your current job is too demanding and you do not feel like you have enough time to focus on school, this podcast is for you. Come listen in to this silly duo entice you to find freedom in your schedule and still make enough to go out with your friends and eat more than an appetizer! 

My roommate and I are highlighting Go Puff, it is a great part or full-time flexible option while attending college. There are a few different earning and scheduling options that we go over. We give info on what it is and what kind of products they provide for delivery. 

We discuss what an easy job it can be as a delivery service. You have a central location you wait at for your orders, so you do not have to travel to multiple locations wasting gas like other services. There are also shorter travelling distances with easy to pick up and drop off orders. 

– Topic 1 An easy option for a delivery job [1:24] 

 There are diverse ways to earn, and you can maximize your income using this service. Committed blocks of time in short timeframes guarantee an hourly wage if you do not get enough orders. You also can get generous tips.  

– Topic 2 Great earning potential [2:00] 

I go over how much flexibility it can offer while focusing on school. There is on demand delivery or blocks of time that are available almost 24 hours a day. 

– Topic 3 Lots of flexibility [3:30]