In this week’s podcast, the host Carissa Eich and special guest speaker, Mr. Zion Basque, go over online safety rules and answer a couple questions on how certain online safeguards work. It’ll dive into what cybersecurity is all about and how it is relevant to everyone, especially students. Key points discussed include the advantages of a password manager, what to do if your social media account gets hacked, the dangerous case of personal email password exposure, and busting the myths about software security. Linked down below contains resources discussed including a link to a verified and trusted password manager, Glendale Community College’s technology service desk webpage, a link to the Homeland and Security website in cybersecurity that will walk a user through the steps in jumpstarting their own online security, and a document with excellent information about the threats of cyberattacks and details about cybersecurity.

Password manager:

Extra resources on cybersecurity:

Maricopa Community Colleges Cybersecurity Webpage: