Are you looking for some extra activities on campus to relieve stress from studying? Joining GCC Art Club – Art Connections can be a great choice to have fun during your semester! GCC Art Club is calling for students who are interested in art to join its ongoing process of creating four art panels installation, which will soon be hung in the Student Union. Starting from Jan. 21, the club has held meetings every Friday from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. at the Fine Arts Painting Studio (FA-133). All GCC students are welcome to join the club and discuss ideas for this project.

There is nothing to worry about if your major is not Fine Arts as it only requires enrolling in at least three credits. If you are willing to join, fill in your contact information and either return it to your instructor, bring it to the FA office FA-101, or send the online form (link here) to Diane Sanborn, Faculty and ART Connections Club Advisor, (

The project focuses on the theme called “the unification of student body,” considering the experience in the last two years of tumultuary and the wish for hopefulness and communication via an artistic perspective. As a new member, you will be introduced to four different art styles: Pop Art, Contemporary Art, Post-Impressionism, and Neo-Expressionism (or Street Art). After that, you can choose your favorite style and join its group. You will participate in the installation project at no cost since all the art supplies needed are provided in the club.

This is a great chance to make new friends who are also interested in art like you while learning some painting skills and creating great memories in Art Connections. Now that you have some fantastic ideas in your mind? GCC Art Club is willing to listen to you and bring it to life! What could hold you back from this opportunity to join us?