There are many different ways to work, but one that is argued to be one of the most effective ways to work is remote working. Remote working is an employment arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work, such as an office building, warehouse, or retail store. Rather, the employees are able to work from long distance, whether they are at home, in another state, or even another country.

I myself have encountered quite a few people that work remotely, one of them being my own mother, who works in NIH (National Institutes of Health). I decided to ask her what it was like to work remotely as opposed to working in person, and while I was unable to record the audio of what she said, I still have her exact quotes by memory. She’s said that “while it can be especially distracting with the dogs sometimes going crazy with things outside, it’s certainly more effective than working in person”. She had previously worked in person, but when we had to move to another state, she did not want to quit the job she had made so much progress on. Her boss suggested remote working, and she agreed to do it. After years of working remotely, she’s become accustomed to working from home or even across the country. She says that “it’s nice to work at my own pace, while also still feeling the pressure of needing to get work done”. Connecting with other employees is not an issue either, considering she often has meetings through Zoom or FaceTime with other employees if need be.

While working remotely has always been an option for employees, it was probably the only option when COVID-19 began. Many places were shut down or had to switch to remote working just to stay in business. NIH, however, was hardly affected by the pandemic, considering how many people work remotely. I had asked my mother how she was handling working during the pandemic, and she said that she “was hardly bothered by the change but could see why those who were previously working in person were struggling”. They had not been used to working from home, and likely needed a few weeks to get accustomed to the change in work environment. Thankfully, my mother was willing to reach out and help those people get comfortable with this new way of working, because “if the employees aren’t up to date, then the whole company goes under”, and that was something my mother was not going to let happen.

People will often tell you that it’s better to work in person, so you’ll interact with others and expand your horizons. While there isn’t anything wrong with either of those, sometimes things are a lot smoother if you work at your own pace in your own comfort zone, whether it’s with work or school.