Being in quarantine because of the pandemic it is hard to get pictures of a lot of places so instead, I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures around my house. From taking walks around my backyard and front yard to playing with my pets these are some pictures that resemble a lot of people’s, including my own, time in quarantine. To start, there is a close-up picture tight shot picture of my backyard with the statue and the flowers. Next, there is another close-up tight-shot picture of one of my cats. Similarly, there is another close-up of one of my dogs that is more of a medium shot. There is an action shot of my other dog playing fetch. Finally, there is a wide shot of my front yard. These photos together work to tell the story of what it could be like being quarantined at home during a pandemic. When you are home and not working online or doing school online, I think getting outside is something that a lot of people need just to get some fresh air can be really refreshing. Also, I am sure that everyone with pets can agree that being with them so much they can take up a large part of your time as well. Overall, although I am sure we would all like to be able to go out and take more interesting pictures of different places and things it is hard to do that right now. The biggest thing going on in everyday life for almost the past year has been how we were living at home so what’s a better story to tell than how quarantine was to live in? Hopefully, soon enough we are back to normal and back to being able to explore different things in photojournalism.