Persona Abriendo Botella En Coche

I’ve decided to make a PSA in order to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. Driving when texting is a very common issue with potentially fatal consequences. As per the National Safety Council, mobile device use while driving produces 1.6 million car accidents annually, and nearly 390,000 people are injured in texting-while-driving events. Texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving. For approximately five seconds, responding to a text demands complete attention. And among young people, the issue is more severe. According to a AAA survey, 94 percent of teen drivers understand the risks of texting while driving, but 35 percent confess to doing so anyway. Although the video is a bit dramatic, I think it is not far from reality in terms of the possible consequences.

Since the video is 3 minutes long, I have decided to incorporate different shots from different angles. From the third shot of the video, I made use of the five-shot sequence rule, focusing primarily on what the character is doing with his hands. Then focus on his face and then take a wide shot. The fourth step in the five-shot rule is to shoot over the shoulder and then again switch to a wider angle and continue repeating these steps during the video.

For the sound effects, I decided to download royalty-free music, and car accident and car horn sounds for the most dramatic scene in the video.

PSA video: