Took a nice little stroll through the park! There was cool interesting things I saw along the way. Some pretty flowers, interesting Signs, and weird old Structures.

The Flowers were beautiful, and very vibrant in color. I love the way the bench looked next to them, It gave it a “storybook” kind of feel.
This sign reminds me of Alice and Wonderland (where it says “please don’t step on the Mome Raths” ). Also another thing that looked “storybook’ to me.
This was an Old rusted Wheel of some sort, It looked very interesting. I liked capturing this, It definitely made an interesting picture!
This was also something old and rusted, not quite sure what it is.

Over all my stroll through the park was pretty interesting and fun. I saw some cool things and took some nice photos! Hope you enjoyed seeing my adventure and the things I saw along the way! What are some of your favorite things to look at while strolling through the park? Is it the scenery, the plants or trees? Comment down below what your favorite thing is!