All five of these photos were taken on my camera for this class and also photography class, I actually love the different aspects and angles these pictures have. The pictures of the landscape go a little father then they seem at first the has a man giving a girl a piggy back ride which by the age difference looks like a father and daughter bonding time this caught my eye because they were having so much fun while I was pretty tired so I requested to take a picture of the as they walked away, their names were Randy and Lilly he was her uncle and they would hike at thunderbird mountain every weekend. The second picture is a change of direction and it’s a path that can be either hard or easy “we took the hard one”. The leaf was taken with the close up feature on my camera it blurs the surrounding area and allows all the focus on the leaf I think the angle I took which I was kneeling on a chair and the lighting just allowed me to capture a good photo with good lighting and angles. The last two pictures are of my nephew Clemente he’s growing so much and is so curious about everything every time I put the camera to my face he gets so lost but he really is so sweet and cute these pictures I took at opposite angles I was kneeling on the ground where he’s looking down at me and eventually drools a little bit and it caused a more darker shade or contrast to the picture, then the last one he is looking up at me just so curious and precious these pictures are most of what I do I like to hike I’m not afraid of the hard route so I learn and challenge myself more, and family is a big value in my life!