Have you ever seen trash outside on a walk, it’s a common thing, but it is normally taken car of by clean up crews, but this  has changed. Since 2020 we have been in the covid 2021 pandemic. The amount of time many people spend out in public has drastically  decreased and seems to be staying for the time being. One thing that is tied to public activity is litter. Litter is one of the things to drop in quality  due to people quarantining, but sadly it has become a problem but not for the reasons you would think.

 It’s not necessarily that there is more trash appearing, but that there is not as much people actively picking it up. There are many images captured showing the effect of this shown here. Why in general there is trash all over, One place that gathers large quantities of litter is roadways. While it has slightly increased due to covid, the fact that is some place monthly trash pick up has been heavily reduced is showing its effect. Many places have seen a 50% in total trash collected due to reduced staff. An example is In NC, which normally has people regularly cleaned up roads, monthly has had that cut in half to only every two months.  

As people may have noticed it has become a problem as litter continues to pill up. Actions will need to be taken to help clean up not just in the hands of everyone, but the governments themselves to keep the trash pickup going as we continue to go through this pandemic, and as it is not going away for a while. Hopefully this issue can be solved before it  becomes a bigger problem overall. 

Picture of trash in landscaping

March 5 2021


Article source  listen bellow https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/litter-is-dangerous-and-an-eyesore-covid-19-is-making-it-worse/275-dfb5a0f4-3ffd-4548-87f2-ddfc2d8e9453