As the semester is coming to a close some Glendale Community College students will be returning next fall, but others might be moving on. Students have many options with what to do next and taking a look at some of them could help some students not sure what to do yet decide as well as help current students be a step ahead with what they want to do next. So let us go over the two most popular avenues that community college students take after graduating, transferring to a four-year university or joining the workforce.

One option that many students wind up taking is transferring to a university. Students can transfer to any university that they want to however GCC has university partnerships that help by making the transferring process easier. Some of the schools included in this are Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and The University of Arizona. Students can transfer to any university that they want however the process might not be as easy as with these schools. Students can go to to explore degrees, find an advisor, and research some of the courses available that transfer over. Overall, transferring to a university is one of the most popular pathways that community college students take after they are done at their schools.

Another option that some students can take after they are done at GCC is going straight into the workforce. Some students can get their associate’s of applied sciences certifications from a community college and just start their careers somewhere with that. Today there are plenty of jobs that only require one of these certifications. According to Forbes some of these jobs include dental hygienists, construction managers, air traffic controllers, registered nurses, and electrical technicians. As the price of tuition at four-year universities keeps going up these career options for community college graduates will keep getting more popular as you can start your career for a lot less money.

            I spoke with Lynn Brysacz, who is a counselor at GCC, about the options that students take advantage of and what students who are unsure of their future can do. Brysacz told me that “Most [students] want to transfer to a university”. She went on to explain that that is the goal for most of the students who enroll at GCC however there are some students that take advantage of the associate’s of applied science certifications and go straight into the workforce after GCC. I also asked her what students who are not sure of their career path can do and she explained how GCC offers help for these students. There are workshops available on Zoom to help students choose a career that is a good fit for them. The next available one is called “Choosing a career how to get started” and it is on Tuesday, April 13th from 1-2 p.m. You can also get in touch with a counselor for help choosing your career. You can email or call (623) 845-3064 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. You can also go to for more information about the virtual workshops or scheduling a meeting.