It’s no secret that art is such an important part of our everyday lives. Look around your house and try to name one thing that an artist didn’t help make. Even your house you are living in had an artist behind the actual design of it.

People create art for different reasons. It could be for their job or just for themselves. With so many different art mediums and with a lot to learn, it’s no wonder that people feel intimated to try it. Take me for example. I was always interested in drawing since many of my friends were artists. I was intimidated by their skill level so I never tried drawing until 2018.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at. Creating art is truly a great thing to do! I encourage everyone to create art, despite their skill level or experience.

I held three different interviews with artists of varying skill levels and a love for a different medium. 

My first interview was with Abby. Abby has been creating art since she was in elementary school. Her favorite medium is ink and charcoal. Her biggest inspiration for her art is her parents. She loves to create art because it’s a way she can express her interests. Many of the pieces she creates are hyper-realistic drawings of animals. Abby enjoys taking her time to add each detail since she finds it therapeutic. She went to school for engineering so she has the ability to combine her passion for art into her job.

My next interview was with Laura. Laura has been drawing since she was little as well but claims that she never took the time to learn the rules of art. She loves to create art digitally and her favorite thing to make is fashion illustrations. She loves to draw since it makes her creations come to life. If she thinks of an outfit, she can recreate it with her pen and a tablet. Her degree is for teaching but still finds much joy in coming home to draw something. It certainly helps her relax to draw something quick. Even though she mostly does fashion illustrations, she loves to draw bust portraits. She told me that her goal isn’t to be perfect, it’s to have fun and make people happy. 

My last interview was with Misty. Misty had just started her hand at art a year ago during quarantine. Her media of choice would be acrylic paint. She has tried her hand at painting landscapes to action painting. She just cannot get enough of art! She is currently enrolled in a university for nursing but still loves to create art. Misty told me that art is one way that she can express her feelings in a very healthy way. She told me that her favorite part of creating art is the process of the creation itself. 

At the end of each interview, I ask each person what is something they would say to someone who is interested in art but just needs that extra push to try.

Abby giggled a bit before saying “Just jump right in. You can’t get better just by thinking about it.”

Laura took a second to think about it. She said that it’s better to create one “bad” piece of art a day than none. She urged people to try art even if they aren’t the best. She said, “There is always more time to learn.”

Misty thinks that if someone is scared to make art, they should try watching videos of “how to draw” videos online. She said she gets a lot of inspiration online. 

Don’t worry, we all start somewhere. No one is born an artist. It takes time and a lot of practice! Start small and see your art evolve into something big!