Hello everybody this is DJ here with some tips on why I started to meal prep (healthy food) during the pandemic! I am an athlete trying to play football with a league that isn’t associated with GCC if I can get good grades and get good film I might be able to transfer to a 4-year university and continue my academic but athletic career too. Being an athlete of course means healthy diets, as a college student any diet is hard to afford, I haven’t always had the best diets. The past 2 years I’ve been heavy into meal prepping but since the pandemic started I think I actually got the hang of it and found a little hobby with it. I go to “WinCo” which helps me save about $30 compared to Walmart. I get the basics which is fruits, veggies, occasional snack (peanut m&ms), and protein (chicken, ground turkey, and fish) get enough to last 2 weeks. In these hard times the world is facing its critical that everyone eats healthy and continues to strengthen their immune system for better chances to fight off the virus or even keep from affecting us.