This is the park near my house, with a few trees, a few bushes, and a bit of grass. It’s a location with almost nothing to it, but the things it does have are quite neat. The first picture is my dog in the grass, who is mid-jump, as he loves playing in the grass, the trees and bushes behind him. The third picture, a tree that has been twisted and storm torn when in 2018 brought large windstorms that pushed multiple trees over, yet this one kept growing,  The bushes used to be thicker and fatter, but after multiple times of being trimmed, they have grown small and thin, and the trees no longer as lucious as they used to be due to constant maintenance which once wasn’t there. Birds and rabbits are quite present, and used to have more places to roam and hide, but the mass amount of plants removed and trimmed have since made the park more barren than it once was.

Allusions to deforestation could be made with this situation, coyotes, rabbits, snakes and the like disappearing due to people in the community deeming them as “unsightly” or “annoying to be around”. It is unfortunate that our neighborhood has become more barren as a result of other’s choices, and it can have a larger impact than most people would think. The pictures were taken across 2 dayus, hence the change in lighting, and the location they were taken in is Surprise, Arizona. Just imagine, the entire sidewalk path, bushes and lush trees end to end, and over the course of months, reduced to nothing, making a walk in the park a little less fun and special, and the homes of dozens of surrounding critters nonexistent.