Police in Glendale, AZ and across the valley are working hard to crack down on recent surges in illegal street racing and other related activity. The Glendale Police Department is so concerned that they have reactivated a task force dedicated to tracking down and catching street racers.

Illegal street racing is on the rise in Glendale. On any given Sunday night, residents can find racers doing donuts and burnouts in intersections, and holding car meetups in parking lots. The Glendale task force makes a point to hit the streets on Sunday nights, and they’ve been making more and more arrests in known racing hot spots.

Along with going out in person to bust up racing events, the police are also employing the tactic of posting mugshots and arrest videos to social media as a deterrent to other would-be racers. Arrests have been on the rise since the serious racing crack downs began.

It is not uncommon for illegal street racing to result in accident, injury, or even death. Even the policemen tasked with arresting those involved have been clipped and hit by drivers. Therefore, the police urge the public to report this unsafe driving practice whenever they encounter it.

However, not all feel that street racing is such a bad pastime.

“A lot of kids in their late teens and early twenties will go out and race or go to a car sideshow as a way to blow off steam and hang with their friends,” said local car enthusiast William Hashkeihe. “They’re not trying to hurt anyone, and it keeps them from doing worse stuff. A lot of times they’re not old enough to go to the bars yet.”

It’s up to anyone what they do with their spare time, but the practice remains illegal and the police remain dedicated to arresting anyone caught street racing.