Located at 83rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road, Glendale Heroes Regional Park is a spacious playground for families and especially their energetic kids. There are lots of exciting games for children to play with and make new friends as well. They surely can’t wait until the weekends to meet their friends or go for a picnic inside the park.

Parents and adults also can also hang out to have some small talks on comfortable chairs while watching their kids playing. Otherwise, this can be a day to leave stressful work aside to relax and “recharge” while living your hustling life. Enjoy peaceful nature and spend some time with yourself. Hopefully, you can find the answers to the problems that are long stuck in your head.

People can enjoy nature in this large park where diverse and colorful flowers bloom along the paths. What about some creatures hiding inside these beauties? Try if you can spot some little bugs or dragonflies here; the kids would love to see them!

In the middle of the park’s lake runs a large fountain. No matter what angle you are looking from, the fountain still gives you a fascinating view and a fresh feeling. Enjoying the water show while fishing nearby is another way you relax here. 

Everything under the sunlight is beautiful but what if you need some shades after those fun activities? The photo above is a simple art piece placed in front of the library – a nice place to entertain yourself away from the crowd. You can read books and look at the outside scenery from the library’s glass walls. Be excited to dive into compelling stories here, and just remember that the library’s hours (usually from noon till late afternoon) vary each day.