GCC offers and constantly announces different workshops, places you can volunteer, or activities for Honors students. This is something that is required for everyone that is in honors, and helpful to achieve. At the beginning this can be a little confusing, since basically you have an extra class and due to COVID you can’t really have a proper introduction to what you need to do. You have an extra class on your Canvas that is the “Honors Program”, there they post constantly different activities that will be taking place either online, in person, or they post a list with different places where you can accomplish your volunteer hours. Sometimes the easiest is online, the workshops that they normally have are one-hour long, after attending one of them, you must do an activity that is required you complete. Also, you must take a picture to proof that you attended whatever activity you picked, and that you were paying attention. If you choose to volunteer for your co-curricular activity, you need to volunteer for two total hours. As I already stated, there are different options from where you can choose, but the institution you decide has to be pre-approved, if not the volunteer won’t count as your co-curricular activity. And the last one is some activities that they also count as co-curricular, such as visiting a museum, there has been symphonies, art expositions that you can attend, activities at GCC, etc. So, there are different options that you can consider in order to accomplish and have a successful semester, just make sure that whatever you decide, is before the due date and you do all the post assignments, so it counts.