GCC is evolving their STEM program by partnering with ASU West to locally offer a first of its kind biology based concurrent enrollment program (C.E.P), in which students can take classes at both schools. Interested students are able to enroll as soon as Fall 2022. 

As a shift from GCC’s biology transfer option, the concurrent enrollment program benefits GCC students by allowing them to skip the traditional transfer process, in turn speeding up their academic progress by creating an opportunity to work on lower and higher division coursework at the same time. 

Students in the program would graduate from GCC with an Associates of Applied Science in Biotechnology and Molecular Biosciences, and from ASU with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Cell and Molecular Biology. 

The program is a 75/45 credit format as opposed to the transfer route which is 60/60 format, giving students more classes under GCC’s lowered tuition rates.

“It allows students to dive deeper into course work sooner than they would with a traditional pathway”, says Ariel Clifton, the GCC/ASU West program coordinator. The program allows students to be more flexible with future career options, by exposing them early on to a large selection of classes for biology and other STEM related fields. 

Students are able to access the same lab and science facilities available at GCC, along with the faculty and support teams they are familiar with, including designated success coaches for the program. They would slowly be introduced to more classes at ASU West, while taking advantage of their laboratories and related teachings for higher level coursework. 

GCC will be hosting a “STEM Resource Week” for the 2022 spring semester, starting February 7. Students interested in the concurrent enrollment program can attend an online information session on Thursday, February 10, at 2 P.M., a link to this session and others along with a the full schedule can be found here

Interested students can contact program coordinator Ariel Clifton, ariel.clifton@gccaz.edu