As the digital age continues and the popularity of streaming services like Twitch and Youtube become larger, people who try to build their own independent brands. The people who need to build these brands, usually from ages 16-25, are going to want some way to represent themselves. Logos, banners, stream overlays, intros, transition screens, and websites, all of these are essential to creating your online persona and make your brand stand out. Though we have entered an era where, because these brands and personas are so public and identifiable, it seems “easy” and “standard” that anyone is owed a logo or graphic work provided for ‘free’.

Many people think the best things in life are free, and while it may seem true, most don’t realize the best art doesn’t come free. From experience of doing private commissions for clients, most people think digital art is just done, throw in some details into an algorithm, click some tools, and it’s done. While the digital medium has tools that allow it to create shortcuts for some steps to improve art, creating art is still a manual process that takes communication, time ,and effort. I have had experiences where people get impatient, people think art should take no less than an hour, blueprinting, sketching, and figuring out a final design, not necessary, they demand instant product, because they’re unfamiliar with the art process. Art has no value if you don’t understand how graphic design is done, and this is the mindset that popularized doing it for ‘exposure’. A fringe benefit that most of the time, doesn’t result in gaining more fans, or more traffic being led to you, instead, being unable to pay bills, and a predatory tactic to exploit free art with you as the victim.