Arizona Humane Society presents an opportunity for students to acquire community service hours by volunteering at their shelters; they’re in need of volunteers who can help feed animals, clean cages, organize donations, photograph adoptees, and complete a variety of tasks for the shelter from the comfort of their own homes. 

After a busy summer, AZ Humane is once again looking for volunteers to assist with their day-to-day shelter activities. For those who wish to volunteer, an online application is available on; after applying, volunteers will participate in an online orientation. Students in and around the Glendale area who are willing to lend a hand (and are comfortable around animals) are suitable candidates for various volunteer positions at both AZ Humane campuses (Sunnyslope Campus and Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion). In particular, the shelter is looking for people who can participate in hands-on animal care, including—but not limited to— walking dogs, trick training, socializing/playing with cats, bottle-feeding orphaned kittens, and providing enrichment activities to keep the shelter occupants entertained. Arizona Humane Society also provides aspiring photographers with the chance to use their skills in a professional environment by photographing animals that are up for adoption and posting them to the humane society’s website. 

For those who aren’t quite comfortable working directly with animals, AZ Humane also needs volunteers to clean kennels, replenish food and water, and wash dishes/laundry; volunteers are also able to help at their thrift store locations by stocking items, organizing merchandise, purging unusable donations, and listing items on their eBay page. Additionally, the shelter has a host of activities that volunteers can do from home. Enrichment products can be made from common household items and then dropped off at either of the AZ Humane campuses. Items include PVC feeders, critter balls, homemade dog biscuits, cat braid toys, no-sew fleece kitty cozies, kitty crinkle toys, wine cork kitty toys, and more. All items and step-by-step assembly instructions can be found on the Arizona Humane Society website, under the “Virtual Volunteering” tab.  

Due to the ongoing pandemic, AZ Humane is requiring all on-site volunteers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, exemptions being made only for medical or religious reasons. Additionally, it is ideal that volunteers can make a six-month commitment.