As more time passes, technology and the internet at large evolves faster and faster each day. However, law making is archaic and cannot keep up with the rest of the world, causing issues with older laws conflicting how how stuff is done on the internet. Also, since the internet is universal, laws that are created in other countries pertaining to the internet can now somehow conflict with other laws in other countries. I wanted to study these ideas. My goal was to interview someone in our local government on this situation, but we did not have enough time in the week for something like that to be scheduled. However, this topic is actually really interesting so I might schedule something and have a follow up. In that stead, i decided to interview a Content Creator named KutieKatlyn on the subject as she is one that is directly influenced by laws like COPPA and copyright laws.

I started with a basic question, as they are one who frequently used the internet, what is their relationship to the internet? Her response was she uses it primarily to socialize, being it on twitter or discord. Next I asked about her thoughts on some laws like COPPA and her response was that she finds them to be made by uneducated people, which I am inclined to agree with. Most lawmakers in 2022 are older and most of them don’t even own a phone, how are they able to make important discissions when regarding the internet? Although you might think this would make them wiser, which is true in some cases but with something like technology and the internet this is not the case. Next I asked if someone like her and her knowledge and relationship with the internet would she be qualified to make new laws or change old laws, and she said no. Even thought she might seem more qualified than who we have in office now, she doesn’t feel she is able to make the changes necessary. So I followed it up with who do you think would be the most qualified as we have established that the current lawmakers are no good. She feels that people who are already in the IT industry are the most qualified to make the laws going forward. Personally I think that makes the most since, but hopefully there are some older people in that industry now, because I wouldn’t want any super young people in office either, or people like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Next I asked her thoughts on all of the laws as technology evolves, and she responded that she thinks that all of the laws, all around the world should be redone from the ground up. To follow up I added should internet related laws that are created in one country be applied to the rest of the world and she said no. This confused me as I thought she was saying that the all laws should be recreated and to be the same, but she reassured me that them being needed to be reworked doesn’t mean they all need to be the same. I agree with this. I think that places like America, laws are getting older and instead of removing and adding laws we mostly make addendums which end up make in it more complex and effectively worse.

I wish I was able to speak with a real lawmaker about this topic for this article, as their take compared to Katlyn, would of provided with an interesting reflection on the whole scenario. I unfortunately think that none of the things me and Katlyn want for the internet will become true. In fact it will probably get worse. For the case of America, even though h we have a bad foundation, we have an incredibly strong one, which means no amount of change can penetrate it. The internet will slowly get more and more restrictive and the once free and “safe-place” for people will come to an end.