College senior, Declan George, wants to remind everyone to “Enjoy the rocky ride college has to offer” because he says, “you don’t realize how much fun you’re having in the moment.” Declan played one year of ice hockey at the University of Arizona before transferring and playing three more years at Arizona State. He wasn’t afraid to get emotional following his last game stating that he “… wishes he had more time to enjoy the competitive years of hockey” and that he “took the time playing for granted.” No matter where you’re at in college, you should take the time to enjoy it because the end may sneak up on you. The last thing you want is to have not enjoyed it all that you could’ve. Directly after his final game, Declan stated that he was already missing the college experience. It is not even completely over, but he says, “I feel like a big part of me is missing already” and “I already miss the early morning bag skates with the boys.” For those who don’t know, bag skates are practices with no pucks and no fun drills. It is purely just skating back and forth, which is exhausting. Declan specifically points out this bad time in his highest memories, which is really inspiring. We can all take a lesson here in enjoying and taking pride in things that we don’t necessarily like. In the moment, I’m sure he felt like he would rather be anywhere else. Looking back however, he misses it already. He ranks it in the fondest of memories when it should’ve been the worst. Remember to not take things so seriously or let yourself get overwhelmed. Rather, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of where you are at. You will thank yourself later and will find yourself a lot better off mentally.