The Adventures of Superman

Students from the GCC Theater Arts & Film Program present a creative theatrical presentation that has been prerecorded in times when, due to the pandemic, live performances are impossible. This 11-chapter serial storyline stages a visual radio program set in 1948 about “The Adventures of Superman”. In the project that was carried out in December 2020, the students comment that taking precautions due to contingency, the radio program was recorded in its entirety using applications for video communication such as Zoom, so the actors were each in the complete safety of their homes. In this presentation, is remarkable the great effort of all the students involved in the project, integrating multiple tools; video effects relying on the use of green screens to manipulate the background, sound effects, hairstyle, makeup, and creative dialogues to make this show to have the feeling and atmosphere of having been made in 1948. This project is a clear example of the perseverance and ingenuity of the students, who, after facing the adversities and challenges that the pandemic brought, have had to look for alternatives and technological tools that allow them to continue with activities that promote the development of their academic training.

You can enjoy the show following the next link: