A PSA against smoking.

Smoking remains to be a large problem that bears significant health complications for those who partake in it. With so much scientific evidence to prove the negative effects smoking has on us, it’s a wonder that people still do it. Tobacco has addictive properties in it that makes it hard for users to quit smoking. Some people simply can’t quit smoking no matter how hard they try. Even if someone does manage to quit, the urge to relapse will always be there. Unfortunately, prolonged cigarette use leads to people developing a variety of serious health concerns such as lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It’s important to show people how serious smoking effects can be so that they feel less compelled to do it. It is especially important for us to teach teenagers and young adults about these risks so that they don’t create health problems for themselves twenty years down the line. Smoking kills, but it’s never too late to quit and mitigate the effects of it.