Scammers have existed for a long time, through many different outlets. Whether that be on the phone or through the mail. Text message scams aren’t anything new but recently, I noticed that these scams have gotten smarter. Not too long ago, I got a text message from an unknown number trying to contact a friend. I almost responded to tell them they got the wrong number but something about the message seemed off to me. I googled to see what was up and there were others who received the same exact message. Then, I deleted the message and blocked the number. It’s scary because it wasn’t the usual scam telling me that I won a prize. Neither was it informing me of a debt that I owed. It was made to look like a real person. This is extremely dangerous since it’s a reminder that scams will continuously evolve. I hope this PSA will warn others of this type of text messaging scam.

Note: The message in the video was not the exact one that I received, it is one my sister got which is quite similar.