During the paramedic, people had started to have lots of time on their hands. With time not being filled up with their daily routine, many began to get bored. A large percentage of that amount would have to be kids. Kids have lots of energy they waste throughout many activities. With the beginning of the outbreak, children have not been getting their energy wasted like they used to. With more energy, it’s a good idea to encourage kids to take up other indoor activities that can be creative and take time. These activists do not have to be anything grand just a little imagination can take a long way.

Lego bricks are something for kids to enjoy. It helps them think about what to build and what steps to build it. These will not only waste a child’s energy, but they will also help them think creatively.

Painting is another way to help a child lose energy. It helps children learn how to mix and blend colors. It’s also another way for them to get creative in what they make.

Origami is a simple project to do for kids. Its works with any type of paper, not just the specially made one. This helps children pace themselves with their project and help them learn how to fold paper differently.

There are always different ways for children to lose their energy, excise being one of those. These small projects are not only for children but adults could still do them. During the pandemic, it’s a good time to start doing some things differently