College ball delivers among MLB uncertainty

With Spring Training delayed, leaving Tempe Diablo stadium one of the many dormant facilities, Major League Baseball is making little progress to return to its regular season, but alternative options have been available throughout the entirety of the lockout. Amidst community colleges throughout the Valley, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has seven baseball teams, representing a thriving and robust baseball culture. 

A game at South Mountain Community College is just one of many happening everyday throughout Maricopa’s college system. A firm hit down the centerfield gets a runner on base, and the pitcher takes a deep breathe to decide what their next pitch should be. Watching players warm up between innings, and hearing their very vocal celebrations when their team scores, the sights and sounds make for a fan experience like none other.

From our own Glendale Gauchos, to the highly accredited Mesa Thunderbirds ,who broadcast their past success with murals on their dugout, there is truly a community college team for everyone throughout the Valley. As is the nature of our college system, inclusivity makes admission low, and the games frequent, attracting any and all fans that are missing out on a pro season of the sport. 

As part of the NJCAA, visit the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference’s website here for a full schedule of all college games in the state.